I was born and raised outside of Boston, Massachusetts. I pretty much spent my whole childhood reading and then went off to study literature at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. After that, I attended Columbia Law School in New York and went on to be an intellectual property litigator in Silicon Valley. (My weirdest case involved a battle over the patent for the variant of blue-green algae that makes farm-raised salmon turn pink when they eat it.) I quit practicing law to study fiction writing at the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop, and ever since then I've been teaching legal writing and fiction writing and writing novels. Right now, I serve as the Director of the Communication and Legal Reasoning program at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and teach fiction on the side at the University of Chicago and elsewhere. I'm the author of QUESTIONS I WANT TO ASK YOU (2018), PUSHING PERFECT (2016), and PLAYLIST FOR THE DEAD (2015), with more to come.

For those who need press info, here’s a short version of the bio: Michelle Falkoff is the author of Playlist for the Dead, Pushing Perfect, and Questions I Want to Ask You. Her fiction and reviews have been published in ZYZZYVA, DoubleTake, and the Harvard Review, among other places. She is a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and currently serves as Director of Communication and Legal Reasoning at Northwestern University School of Law. 

My cousin Oliver Klink took this very glam headshot of me, and I suspect I'll keep using it as long as it's recognizable.

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